My Year in Review, 2020

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This is my second year-in-review post see my 2019 post. This year was much shittier than last year. That’s partly my fault and partly the fault of the pandemic, my bike getting stolen, etc. etc. So I think I spent most of this year in a “comfort zone” which was somewhat depressing and monotonous. There were some bright spots, though: I started my new (old) job back at Kaggle which has been good My husband and I took a lovely vacation to Hawaii right before the pandemic hit I started cooking a lot more and haven’t gotten totally sick of it yet I began doing something like mentoring semi-regularly I’ve improved a lot at disconnecting from work I’ve managed to socialize occasionally through things like horror movie club, playing Among Us, etc. Keep Reading...

My Year in Review, 2019

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This is my own year-in-review. What started as a dumb tweet has become a blog post because I’m between jobs. Enjoy! My 2019: 📽️ Film - Society (1989) 🎶 Song - Sandwich, Marco Minnemann (2016) 💽 Record - In the Court of the Crimson King (50th anniversary) King Crimson (2019) 📚 Book - Our Mathematical Universe, Max Tegmark (2014) 🎮 Game - Untitled Goose (2019) 🎙️ Podcast - SYSK (2008-2019) Keep Reading...

New Hobbies

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A couple of weeks ago I tweeted that I wanted to explore new hobbies. For the past couple of years, I’ve engrossed myself in a job I love. My career development has been really rewarding professionally, but lately I’ve felt personally underdeveloped. My current hobbies include seeing movies (especially horror and sci-fi) and exploring my new home of Los Angeles (biking, hiking, and of course eating). While these things are fun, I feel like I could be doing and creating so much more. Keep Reading...