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Be aggressive, be be aggressive. But how aggressive?

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This week I asked for feedback on something I wrote from a trusted colleague. My audience was larger than usual for me and 100% men (as far as I knew). Although I’m already pretty confident in my prose-writing skills, I felt greater than usual pressure to make a compelling, tight story. I wanted what I wrote to sound authoritative and well informed. My colleague gave me great constructive feedback and overall really liked what I wrote. Keep Reading...

Kaggle’s 5 remote-first tips for new WFHers

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This post was originally published on DEV. My teammate Victor Mota and I wrote it together. You can check out his blog here. Kaggle is a unique team at Google. Unlike the vast majority of Google teams, our team is fully remote-first and distributed in offices (Google and home) across North America and Australia. When the spread of COVID-19 led to mandates to work from home (WFH), my coworker Victor and I saw an opportunity to share insights from our team to help others across Google adapt. Keep Reading...

Productive transparency in online communities: Inspiration from trains and IKEA

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The Japanese train system is famously fast, clean, friendly, and efficient. On the drive home from my first day back at Google I was reminded of why as I listened to the 99% Invisible podcast episode “Wait wait … tell me!”. I’ll give you the tl;dr summary of the story and explain some connections I made to product development for online communities that got me so in my head I missed my exit for the 405. Keep Reading...