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How Kaggle makes GPUs accessible to 5 million data scientists

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This post was first published on NVIDIA’s developer blog on Oct 26th 2020 Engineers and designers at Kaggle work hard behind the scenes to make it easy for our 5 million data scientist users to focus on learning and improving their deep learning models instead of ML ops like environment setup and resource provisioning. Kaggle’s community comes to the platform to learn and apply their skills in machine learning competitions. Keep Reading...

Product management lessons learned through King Crimson lyrics

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Almost every musician I listen to carries influences of the progressive rock band King Crimson. For instance, my favorite musician Steven Wilson has put out entire albums that (to me) sounds like a King Crimson “project”. Including his debut solo album Grace for Drowning which featured several King Crimson members including Tony Levin. Today, I realized not only does King Crimson’s sound echo prodigiously within the discographies of my favorite artists, they’ve also had a thing or two to say about good (and bad) product management over the decades! Keep Reading...

Making public mistakes & code memes: The origin of my famous Titanic notebook

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Yesterday, it was a great honor to be a guest on Nick Wan’s data science livestream on Twitch to talk through bad (and less bad) data viz that I’ve created. -- It was a lot of fun! Talking about the history of my popular Titanic R notebook on Kaggle was a great opportunity for me to reflect on my data science journey. Its explosive success was very unintended. But as a result I’ve got a couple of cool insights to share about this experience and how I apply them in my role as a product manager at Kaggle today. Keep Reading...